The Women in Property Mentoring Scheme

The Women in Property scheme is based on role model mentoring, the most usual form. This is a confidential, one on one, non-judgmental relationship in which one person (the mentor) voluntarily gives of his or her time to support, advise or encourage another (the mentee). The mentor is generally more experienced than the mentee and usually in the same or a similar field.

The mentoring relationship is based on the mentee's objectives, with regular communication between both parties. Most mentoring relationships last around a year but many mentors and mentees keep in touch on a less formal or a specific need basis, when it becomes known as spot mentoring.

The Women in Property Mentoring Programme is a "members only" benefit.  In order to participate in the scheme, members must attend a training session before they can be matched with a suitable mentor/mentee.

For more information download our Guide to the Women in Property Mentoring Scheme here.

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