Introduction to Meditation - Virtual Session

Wednesday 21 June 2023 12:30 PM

Introduction to Meditation - Virtual Session

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What is meditation?  Meditation is a skill, a practice, an exercise for your mind.  During this session you will learn about the different types of meditation, from mindfulness, body scanning, loving-kindness all the way to transcendental meditation (aka mantra meditation).

The benefits of meditation are emotional and physical which include:

  • Focusing on the here and the now – the present moment.
  • Increasing patience and tolerance.
  • Increasing self-awareness.
  • Building skills to manage such things as stress and anxiety.
  • Find emotional balance.

Join Women in Property South East committee member Meg Taylor (qualified meditation teacher), who will guide you through the different types of meditation.   Whether you are a total beginner or want to get back into meditation, this session is open to all members.

There will be weekly Friday morning meditation sessions from 30 June 2023, where you can go on a journey that will potentially bring enlightenment to your life – find out more here.

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