Single Family Rental Market

Review of Single Family Rental Market

Tuesday 28 June 2022


The Single Family Rental market has exploded in the UK as rents are surging and investors are flooding to the market. How do we ensure we stay ahead of the curve within the Single Family Market? How do we create unique and appealing products for the target demographic? What effect will this insurgence have on the rest of the marketplace?

Members and guests gathered at The Box in Deansgate Manchester for this innovative and insightful event to be equipped with the current knowledge surrounding the marketplace.

Laura Moreland, Your Housing Group commented, “I recently attended the Single Family Rental Market event hosted by Women in Property and found it very insightful. It’s great to hear from a panel of women who are experts in their field and very passionate about their role in housing delivery across the North West.

I always find everyone very welcoming at the Women in Property events and it’s a great way to make connections with people from all backgrounds within the industry.”

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