The Women in Property App is here!

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Friday June 17, 2022

The Women in Property app is available for members to download. 

You can search and connect with other members, chat and book events, as well as change your profile details or rejoin.  Click here for download details.

Already using the app? V2.0 is here!

(Release date 17June 2022)

We have made some updates to further streamline the in-app booking process and enhance other functionality.

To enjoy these new and improved features, you need to take the following steps:

  1. visit the Apple App Store for IOS or Google Play for Android
  2. search for the 'Women in Property' app
  3. click on Update to install the new features

 These include:

Access to the membership database


  • Improved membership database search facility including key word search
  • Greater visibility of member profile details


Event bookings


Ability to collect additional booking information  

  • Dietary requirements
  • PPE requirements
  • Menu choices
  • Delivery address


Status for events and your bookings


  • Bookings open
  • Opening soon
  • Proposed event


  • Booked
  • Cancelled

There are also features that will benefit event organisers and event administration, leading to a more streamlined service for our members. 

Thank you – we hope you continue to enjoy using the App.

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