What are the current Fees & Terms of Membership?

Women in Property Membership is individual and the benefits accrue to the named member.  It is non-transferable and follows the member if they move within the industry. We do not currently have a corporate membership option but actively encourage members' employers to get involved with the organisation and its activities.

Membership is for twelve months from the month of joining. 

Renewal notices are sent out a month in advance of the renewal date. Membership lapses after two months from the date of renewal, if it remains unconfirmed. 

Membership that is cancelled during its term is non-refundable

Branch Fee          
Central Scotland (including Highlands & Islands) £132.50 +VAT (£159)
Midlands £132.50 +VAT (£159)
North West (including Lancashire & Cumbria and Liverpool) £132.50 +VAT (£159)
Northern Ireland (satellite) £132.50 +VAT (£159)
Northern Scotland (satellite) £132.50 +VAT (£159)
South East (including Brighton, Cambridge and Thames Valley) £137.50 +VAT (£165)
South Wales £132.50 +VAT (£159)
South West (including Devon & Cornwall and Solent) £132.50 +VAT (£159)
Yorkshire & North East  £132.50 +VAT (£159)
Student Membership - all regions £119.25 +VAT (£143.10)

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