Events and Reviews

Women in Property holds events across the country, many of which are open to non-members.  These range from workshops and seminars, to site visits, networking lunches and sports events. Explore these pages for details of new and past events, as well as event reviews, which you can find by going to the relevant year and month, as above.

Under normal circumstances we deliver very many events each year – over 400 in 2019. In 2020/2021 we reimagined our events programme, so far hosting over 250 webinars to ensure members across the UK still had access to CPD-style, soft skills and professional development, despite Covid-19 restrictions.  This programme of alternative activity will continue, while we gradually and carefully reinstate exclusive site visits, social events and joint events with other professional groups, all providing excellent networking and hosting opportunities.  

National Sponsors

This is a really interesting 2 min read...Mark Horler @UK_UAT presents a vision for how we use redundant buildings…