Training session for mentors and mentees with Cathy Stewart

Wednesday 26 October 2022 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Training session for mentors and mentees with Cathy Stewart

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Our mentoring scheme aims to help members to achieve their career goals, for example, a promotion, changing career direction or successfully combining work with family responsibilities.  The role of a mentor is to be an impartial, critical friend to help mentees clarify their goals and a route to achieving them.  Mentoring relationships are fully confidential.

Mentors also gain a great deal of benefit from the mentoring relationship. As well as the satisfaction of helping someone to develop their career, being a mentor provides space for reflection on your career and abilities which may go unnoticed in the normal working day.  Anyone can be a mentor; we all have valuable experience which can be of use to another Women in Property member.  Our mentoring programme relies on volunteer mentors, so please consider putting yourself forward.

The Women in Property mentoring scheme matches mentees with a mentor from a different professional discipline. This helps to keep the relationship focused on achieving goals rather than the everyday requirements of the mentee’s job.

This session will be limited to 16 people. We will aim to balance the number of mentees and mentors in the session. We welcome applications from people wishing to do both roles. 

Mentoring is free and open to members only.

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 19 October 2022

The booking deadline for this event has now passed.
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