Wednesday 23 June 2021 6:00 PM

Virtual Skills Series with Judy Salmon: Session 3 - Redundancy - A Swap Shop of Ideas and Support

South West: Virtual Skills Series - Redundancy - A Swap Shop of Ideas and Support

Join us for a series of talks presented by business coach and training consultant Judy Salmon, who returns to provide us with some inspiring workshops.

• 28 April – The Uncomfortable Conversation What is a conversation? What makes a conversation uncomfortable? What types of situations do you find difficult? Tips on how to prepare and stay in control.
• 19 May – Coping Strategies What coping strategies can I share and learn from others? What do we mean by the word ‘cope’ and in what kind of situations do we need to cope?
 23 June – You have been made redundant – a swap shop of ideas and support A conversation between Sophie Endecott and Judy Salmon on their experiences of being made redundant and guidance on how to move on from redundancy.
21 July – Communication – more important than ever! Why bother to communicate? What are the ingredients of effective communication and what stops it from being effective?

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Event Contact: Sara Prince

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