Thursday 05 November 2020 9:30 AM

WEBINAR Leading Together: Apart - Third Session

WEBINAR Leading Together: Apart - Third Session

Following the successful Working Together: Apart event we will be holding a third peer-led webinar, this time aimed at Directors, Managers and Team Leaders. This webinar focuses on adapting leading teams effectively in a remote setting.

As it becomes more important to determine what factors are needed to operate in a successful virtual work environment, we learn that there are specific steps that managers can introduce to improve the engagement and productivity of remote employees. Join us for this moderated, live webinar where we will encourage and bring managers of people together to share their experiences and provide information, tips and tools and support to their teams.

The session will be co-hosted by Nicola Rich (Ad. Dip.CP, MNCS (Acc)), a certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach, qualified Psychotherapist and Mental Health First Aid Instructor and Nadia Muwanga (BSc, PGcert, PGdip), a trained Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapist and Mental Health and Wellbeing Trainer and Consultant.

To register please download the flyer below and complete the booking form (for smart phone users please download flyer here)

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Event Contact: Toni Riddiford

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