Wednesday 25 November 2020 1:00 PM

WEBINAR: Speaking Confidently Online with Sarah Ann Cromwell

WEBINAR: Speaking Confidently Online

Explore how to speak confidently online – whether it’s a board meeting or an interview, the new virtual experience has really changed the way we now prepare ourselves for those important virtual sessions. Sarah Ann will explore:

• The psychology of being Fearless
• How to be Screen ready on Zoom: it’s all in the prep
• Getting into the Zone: Practical tips to be physically, neurologically and chemically ready before one hits “JOIN”

Sarah-Ann is a professional Opera singer, Britain’s first award winning Operatic Comedian and first female Soprano in 30 years of Cantabile - The London Quartet. She supports and coaches executives from the business world about how to Speak Fearlessly.

This is a series of two webinars and will be followed on 9th December by 'Speaking Confidently Online Q&A'; click here for further details .

To register for the first webinar please download the flyer below and complete the booking form (for smart phone users please download flyer here)

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Event Contact: Sara Prince

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