Review of Mentoring Training Session, Manchester

Wednesday 17 July 2019


The event was well attended by WiP members from across the North West and Cumbria. This follows widespread interest in mentoring, and a members’ lunch in May which delved into members’ experiences of mentoring. The training was led by Sandi Rhys Jones who set out the advantages of a supportive ‘critical friend’ relationship, and how to maximise the benefits for both parties. Sandi was an engaging speaker who encouraged everyone present to share their aspirations and consider their strengths as a mentor as well as a mentee. We also heard from Sally Morris-Smith of DAC Beachcroft who recounted her experiences, and shared some top tips.

Buttress kindly hosted the event which was inspiring and insightful. It is clear that WiP members are passionate about their roles and motivated to succeed in meeting longer term career goals. The mentoring programme is perfectly placed to help. The next stage is currently underway, with mentor pairings being identified.

All the feedback was very positive.

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