Wednesday 24 April 2019 12:00 PM

EGM and Networking Lunch, Manchester

EGM and Networking Lunch

All members are welcome to come and join the North West Committee at its EGM on Wednesday 24th April. This EGM is being held in place of our Annual General Meeting (AGM) which we were unable to hold prior to the end of year.

Our current Chairman, Chithra Marsh, will present an overview of the year, our current expansion, accounts and profitability, mentoring, membership, student awards, education roadshow, our upcoming events and plans for the future of the North West Branch. This Is an opportunity to look back on what we have achieved over the year and welcome Emma Richman as our new Chairman and our new committee – who we will be electing.

Details on the available roles, the EGM formal notification and nomination papers are available in the flyer below.

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