Thursday 01 July 2021 12:30 PM

MPower 3-part Self Defence Class - New Date

MPower 3-part Self Defence Class - Session 3

Join Master Michael Kyzirakos from MPOWER Martial Arts for a fun and confidence building 3-part Live Online course on Women’s Self Defence.

Session one (Tuesday, 29 June): Learn the basics. This class will teach you how to confidently punch, knee and kick by way of a fun and energetic martial arts fitness class.

Session two (Wednesday, 30 June): In this session we will break down a threatening situation, discuss potential scenarios and evaluate our options. You’ll learn practical techniques and how to apply simple, effective strikes. This session is best done with a partner so you can practice!

Session three (Thursday, 1 July): Work up a sweat, build confidence and empower yourself by practicing strikes in an exercise class format so they become easy to remember and practice at home or with a partner.

To register for any individual class or for all three sessions, please download the flyer below and complete the booking form (for smart phone users please download flyer here)

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Event Contact: Sara Prince

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