Monday 01 June 2020 2:00 PM

WEBINAR: The Office is Dead - Long Live the Office with Bertie Van Wyk, Herman Miller

WEBINAR: The Office is Dead - Long Live the Office

Bertie Van Wyk, is a critical thinking Workplace Specialist with a quick grasp of emerging trends and changing business processes. Join us to hear Bertie’s view on The Office is Dead – Long Live The Office. At a time when there is an increased focus on the digital workplace, what role does the physical workplace play and are its days numbered? What are the pros and cons of virtual and physical working? Is coworking here to stay and will it impact the way corporations consume space? We discuss this subject looking at internal and external research sources from around the globe.

“The business of people talking to each other in offices is a very serious consideration. It is by far the most expensive achievement of offices: the grouping of people that allows conversational exchange" Robert Propst – 1968

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Event Contact: Sara Prince

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