Tuesday 10 November 2020 10:00 AM

Managing a Successful Career Series - Session 1 - Managing Difficult Conversations

WEBINAR: Managing a Successful Career Series - Managing Difficult Conversations

As we move to more senior roles it becomes more important than ever that we are able to reduce and resolve conflict, as well as role model the culture and behaviours which we wish to see in our team and organisation.

This session, hosted by Dorothy McKinney, will support you to;

· Understand where conflict comes from - you may be surprised!
· See how different communication styles and 'instinct' can contribute to and sometimes trigger difficulties
· Come away with straightforward memorable strategies to deal assertively with difficult people whilst retaining the working relationship
· Feel and be more confident dealing with conflict and transform your conversations at work and beyond
· Be a role model for dealing with issues assertively, professionally and with dignity.

Dorothy McKinney has over 40 years experience in Human Resources in senior roles and in 2012 founded a specialist company, Dorothy McKinney Ltd, to empower workplaces to be inclusive, productive, healthy and fair for all. Her company specialises in enabling teams to identify, resolve and recover from conflict or challenging situations and facilitating teams to improve organisational performance.

This is the first of a series of three webinars dedicated to Managing a Successful Career. In the coming weeks look out for topics including Managing Stress & Mental Health and Setting and Reaching your Goals.

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Event Contact: Sara Prince

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