Faye Durkin appointed Chair of IEMA Biodiversity and Natural Capital Steering Group

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Friday December 9, 2022

Yorkshire & North East Branch Chair, Faye Durkin, Regional Director of Ecus Ltd, has been appointed Chair of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) Biodiversity and Natural Capital Steering Group.

The Biodiversity and Natural Capital Network is led by a Steering Group that draws together professionals across diverse sectors and disciplines. Their role is to oversee the delivery of an annual work programme of activities, including webinars, workshops, reports and support between members. Faye has developed a three-year plan for the group which will deliver policy and practice activities for the benefit of IEMA members and to positively impact government policymaking. Overall, the steering group will be guided by the principle of ‘transforming the world to sustainability’.

The group has developed a ‘buzzword buster’ which expands on the IEMA lexicon and provides additional context in respect of BaNC; the goal behind this is to level the playing field and ensure that the industry is using consistent terminology.  

For more information visit https://www.iema.net/policy-and-practice/biodiversity-natural-capital

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